How we do it

Changing Tide helps develop companies in 8 key ways


Changing Tide helps companies monetize opportunity and massively scale. To do this our we directly assist companies with implementing a proprietary connected approach to business transformation. The process includes 8 steps;

Customer journey mapping 

We help companies to understand the customer journey and value proposition. In this step, we help CEOs answer questions like "How do I connect with the consumer better? How do I make their journey smoother? How can I access a larger market?”

Business model design

We help companies develop insights into customers’ expectations and what they will pay for. This includes a solid foundation in competitive intelligence with an understanding of how disruptive competitors are creating value for their customers. We help companies link to a network of suppliers and customers on a global scale.

Business architecture

We help companies map the nodes and connections – its resources and their relationships, that will make scaling and producing an impact at scale predictable. In this step, we help CEOs answer questions like which individuals and teams need to do what, when and how. This allows CEOs to better orchestrate the necessary resources to realize their goals.

Capability assessment

We help companies assess the availability and readiness of resources within the organization. By identifying capability gaps upfront, CEOs can prioritize investments to close the gaps and we can make an introduction to ecosystem partners that can offer strengths and connections in the needed areas.

Communications and training

We help companies develop and scale a compelling narrative that conveys why a company and its products and services deserve to exist. We complement it with stakeholder education at all levels of the organization so that everyone shares the long term understanding and common vision that can enable impact at scale.

Incubation and scaling platforms

We provide enabling platforms, including professional, financial and physical orchestration as well as experienced resources and proven process and procedure that drives scale.

Internal venture funding

We assume the role of an internal venture capitalist. We set up a collective fund that is ring-fenced for efforts that promote cross-functional outcomes. We bring together the entities that consider your company not merely an investment but an attractive business partner and have the means and ways to help realize the companies goals at scale.

Agile ways of working

We are experts at agile execution, a critical skill in the fast changing world. We help companies incorporate agile ways of working to accelerate transformations. We promote experimentation and learning and embed it in execution and company culture.